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Build instruction

Minecraft solution

You must extract the project sources in your Visual Studio 2010 folder. The solution should be extracted in your VS2010 Projects folder. Relative path from this solution folder must be ..\..\. This way, the zlib windows phone project and zlib windows project will link to the dotnetzip files automatically.
You must also do the changes described here:

Windows version

The Windows\MapViewer project is the main project for Windows. It provides a WPF application enableing user to select a map file or all map in a folder in the filesystem and visualise it.
It also provides an embeded browser to select a map file or a page containing several map files from the same dimension. The files must have their original names.
No error handling is done yet.

Phone version

The Mobile\MapViewer project is the main project for Windows Phone 7. It provides a Sliverlight application enableing the user to load a map file from a remote server by entering its URL.

Next step is to add recent source support and server browser by HTTP on a Web server which supports directory listing. Adding in the same time multimap rendering support.


Native projects

You should use eclipse CDT to build the project. You can create the needed makefiles yourself. There is no specific settings.


The project depends on libboost-iostreams.


The project depends on libgd2, libboost-program-options and libcgicc.

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